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Electric cars will be cheaper than their gasoline rivals in 2027

The Bloomberg NEF study predicts that electric cars will be cheaper than those equipped with combustion engines, in all segments, by 2027.

Tesla suspended its purchases in Bitcoin due to environmental concerns

The electric car company maintained the message that cryptocurrencies are a good option and have a future but expressed concern about the high use of fossil fuels.

Uber and Arrival to Build Their Own Electric Passenger Vehicle

In the future we will only need a plug to survive. In a new chapter for electric vehicle makers, Uber and British tech company Arrival announced a partnership.

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Biogen shares jump 60% after the US approves its Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm

The papers of the US laboratory soared after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Aduhelm, the first drug against the disease in twenty years.
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Bitcoin enters the battle between “bears” and “bulls”: will it recover or will it fall again?

Bitcoin has not yet recovered from the "Musk effect" and remains in the range of $36,000, in a battle between bulls and bears.

Jeff Bezos will travel to space on Blue Origin’s first manned flight

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will go aboard his company's first space flight crew, Blue Origin. The billionaire has just announced it through Instagram.

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