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All GTA V Five Cheats and Hacks You Need To Know and Try

If you are looking tricks for GTA 5 PS4, tricks GTA 5 for Xbox, console commands to GTA 5 on PC or phone numbers for tricks on PS3 and Xbox 360 here it is.

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Does the Netherlands declare war on Bitcoin?

A Dutch government official argued that digital currency "does not fulfill any of the three functions of money and is practical for criminals."
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Someone paid $28 million to travel to space with Jeff Bezos

The traveler beat about 20 rivals in an auction that began on May 19 and whose last 10 minutes were broadcast on television.

The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged child labor in Latin America

Some 8.2 million minors, between the ages of 5 and 17, work in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region that is "far" from eradicating this child activity due to the pandemic.

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