Chinese Rocket Without Control: Should We Worry For Fragments Falling?

Chinese Rocket out of Control, According to astrophysicists cited by CNN, this event is not as dramatic as it sounds and the chances of a human loss.

What are the limits of the human brain?

The human brain is like a great natural computer. Among its main functions is the control of voluntary movements, intelligence and memory.

These are the reasons why humans have not returned to the Moon since 1972

It has been more than 45 years since the lunar surface was visited by humans and the next visit to the satellite appears to take longer than many wish.

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Which countries top the ranking of earnings through Bitcoin

The blockchain company Chainalysis made an estimate of the profits obtained from Bitcoin transactions in 2020 according to the nationality of the investors.
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Ed Sheeran announces the release of “Bad Habits”

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran announced on Friday the release of "Bad Habits", his first solo single in four years, which will be released on June 25.

Senator Elizabeth Warren calls cryptocurrencies the new Wild West

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren lashed out at Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, due to their high energy consumption.

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