Is there water on the Moon? NASA will send a robot to find out

NASA plans to send its first mobile robot to the moon by the end of 2023 for ice and other resources in and under the lunar exploration to facilitate the human surface.

OSIRIS-REx space probe returns to Earth with asteroid dust

OSIRIS-REx carries more than 60 grams of dust and fragments from the asteroid, the largest sample collected by NASA from the lunar rocks.

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Demi Lovato launched a mask collection to celebrate LGBT + Pride Month

After declaring herself gender non-binary and changing her pronouns to they/them, Demi Lovato has dedicated herself to giving more visibility to her community and supporting causes in favor of it.
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What is Ethereum Max? The crypto that Kim Kardashian has backed for half a million

Kim Kardashian, who this Monday shared a story on her Instagram account that has 210 million followers promoting the Ethereum max token (EMAX).

Mixed sign on Wall Street as the focus shifts to the Federal Reserve

Wall Street registers mixed sign at the beginning of the session on Wednesday awaiting the Fed. The three main US indices continue to be in the maximum zone.

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