United States has not seen the evidence that Israel says shows the presence of Hamas in the building Jala Tower bombed on Saturday

The Jala Tower, which housed the AP and Al Jazeera headquarters and some 60 apartments, was called a "perfectly legitimate target" by Israeli Prime Minister.

What is happening between Palestine and Israel? The keys to understanding the conflict

The Israeli army and the Palestinian militias Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been facing each other since last Monday, May 10, in an open contest.

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JLo and Netflix sign an agreement to create content

Jennifer Lopez and her company Nuyorican Productions will produce films and documentaries for Netflix thanks to an exclusive collaboration.
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Cryptocurrency price: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance plummet to 13%

Bitcoin is trading at less than half its all-time high, while the other cryptocurrencies are deflating in tune. One question returns to the market: is it time to invest or to flee?.

Apple introduces iOS 15 operating system and opens FaceTime to Android and Windows

Apple presented this Monday the new operating system for iPhone, iOS 15, in which it has updated the FaceTime video calling service to be accessible to Android and Windows.

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