Xiaomi breaks records with its new fast charging system for mobiles

Xiaomi has unveiled a surprisingly fast new fast-charging system this week. Specifically, it is capable of transmitting up to 200 watts of power per cable.

They assure this is the new Pixel 6 that Google will launch in October

They assure this is the new Pixel 6 that Google will launch in October. A week ago, a leaker shared alleged images of the future Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

How many apps should I have on my smartphone?

Surely you have wondered, how many Apps should I have on my phone? Having very few can make me feel that I am not taking advantage of it to its full potential.

Smartphone company develops remote charging system

One of the most important companies in the cell phone market at Motorola. To gain more ground, designing and is developing a technology for remote wireless charging on their phones.

20 Best Graphic Design Apps for Smartphones

Work of any designer goes through a desktop, graphic design applications on cell phones and tablets have improved significantly; and now they serve as a great complement for all kinds of tasks.

Inventor and Evolution of the Telephone

The telethrophone or telephone was invented in 1854 by the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci. He built it to connect his office with his bedroom so he could talk to his wife, who was immobilized in bed due to illness.

Best Gaming Smartphones to Play Video Games

In the modern world the smartphone has become not only so essential for fast communication but also for entertainment.

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The Biden-Putin meeting was constructive and without hostility

According to the first reports, the leaders agreed on the return of their respective ambassadors and that both countries will review the issue of cybersecurity.
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Demi Lovato launched a mask collection to celebrate LGBT + Pride Month

After declaring herself gender non-binary and changing her pronouns to they/them, Demi Lovato has dedicated herself to giving more visibility to her community and supporting causes in favor of it.

What is Ethereum Max? The crypto that Kim Kardashian has backed for half a million

Kim Kardashian, who this Monday shared a story on her Instagram account that has 210 million followers promoting the Ethereum max token (EMAX).

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