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Instagram extends the duration of the “Reels” up to 60 seconds

Last summer, Instagram announced the launch of Reels, a new way of sharing videos with a clear intention: to compete with TikTok, which has become the leader in that segment.

What is “social currency” and why is it so important

Social currency is a very popular term in recent days on social media, however, the concept is much older. It refers to the value that information.

Tips to create a good content strategy on social networks

creating a content strategy on social networks is an excellent way to stand out from other brands, in addition to ensuring that the message arrives correctly.

Instagram and the new option to customize your profile in the social network

Instagram is integrating an option that allows users to clarify their pronouns in the profiles. It had already been incorporated into Facebook and other social networks.

4 Steps to boost a digital brand and sell through social networks

To determine which social network you are going to join, you need to know your brand and what you want to convey with it. Are you going to tell a story?

5 Successful Ways to Make Money with TikTok

Earning money with TikTok is possible if you have a large number of followers, you have become a star of this social network and you follow a suitable strategy.

Facebook to announce a final decision on Trump account on May 5

Trump's account was suspended after the attack on the Capitol on January 6, fearing the Republicans would incite similar acts of violence.

Social Networks And The Challenges In Political Activity

It is important to understand how to interact on social networks in politics, in the understanding that the users of these tools are mostly young.

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Domestic tourism, a global trend in 2021

Proximity tourism has developed both in China and in the United States and Europe, due to closed borders during the pandemic.
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Ethereum vs Bitcoin: who will win the ‘crypto’ long-distance race?

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a period of diversification of investments among the main 'altcoins' (alternatives to bitcoin). Following the rally of the world's largest digital currency.

Falls on Wall Street to close a week marked by the Federal Reserve

Wall Street fell in all its values ​​to close a week in which the Nasdaq 100, which groups the 100 largest companies in the technology index, marked a new all-time high on Thursday.

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