Framework: what it is and why it is important on the Internet

The Framework is a kind of template, a conceptual scheme, which simplifies the development of a task, since it is only necessary to complement it according to what you want to do.

What is XML in Programming?

Believe it or not, XML or Extensible Markup Language is much simpler than it seems. It is simply a type of markup language or set of codes (called tags) that define the structure and meaning of the data.

What Exactly is HTML?

HTML is a markup language that is used for the development of Internet pages. It is the acronym that corresponds to HyperText Markup Language, that is to say, Hypertext Markup Language

7 Copywriting Tips to Rank Your Blog

One of the most essential copywriting techniques is based on spending all the time necessary to find a perfect headline for each post

How to Generate Organic Web Traffic Without SEO

Web traffic is the sum of all the visits that come to your site. If you follow a successful strategy, those visits will be people interested in the main activity of your company and, later, they will become customers.

What is Link Building? We Show You Step by Step

Link building is the technique that consists of creating external links for a domain to generate web authority and thereby improve the organic ranking in search engines.

What is PageRank and what is it for?

PageRank (PR) is an SEO metric launched in 1999 by the founders of Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) in order to measure the quality of a website.

How to Fix 404 Not Found Errors (STEP by STEP)

The 404 error is a status code that is sent from the web server to the browser, that is, to the user who tried to enter that page.

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Biogen shares jump 60% after the US approves its Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm

The papers of the US laboratory soared after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Aduhelm, the first drug against the disease in twenty years.
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Bitcoin enters the battle between “bears” and “bulls”: will it recover or will it fall again?

Bitcoin has not yet recovered from the "Musk effect" and remains in the range of $36,000, in a battle between bulls and bears.

Jeff Bezos will travel to space on Blue Origin’s first manned flight

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will go aboard his company's first space flight crew, Blue Origin. The billionaire has just announced it through Instagram.

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