128 Million IPhones were infected with malware but Apple hid it

128 Million IPhones were infected with malware

It has been a few weeks that the trial between Apple and Epic Games is taking place, after both companies attacked and defamed each other. Many support Apple for being supposedly more secure, but what you’ll see next will change the landscape.

According to official reports that were revealed during the trial, Apple concealed that in 2015 more than 128 million users were infected with malware.

By then, Dale Bagwell was in charge of managing the user experience. Of the total, 18 million were in the United States. On the other hand, 55% of those infected were in China, with more than 66% of the downloads.

Therefore, there were a total of 2,500 infected applications in the App Store, which were downloaded a total of 203 million times, all infected with the malware known as “XcodeGhost”.

Apple decided to hide it just because

Although all the details are not given in the emails, it is not seen that Apple had any intention of doing something. Rather, it simply decided to hide everything because it was more difficult to email users notifying of the problem.

Apple’s fault came since it switched to Xcode for the development of its apps. Given that this technology was mismanaged, many companies chose to download it to other media, where it was precisely infected. In this way, the apps that were made came infected, such as Angry Birds 2, CamScanner and WeChat.

Probably this incident is what has allowed Apple today to boast iOS as one of the most secure operating systems in the world, and its application verification process is so thorough.