20 Best Graphic Design Apps for Smartphones

Apps Design Logos Smartphones
Apps Design Logos Smartphones

When you are a design beginner or you simply want to create the logo of your company or business, it is necessary many times, that you receive a guide on how to create the concept to how to apply it or make it a reality. Although you can get pages like Domestic, for example, in which you can get courses with specialized teachers who will teach you to conceptually approach what is necessary to create a successful logo, when carrying out the project it can be a headache to determine What applications can offer you the best benefits and usability to design easily, quickly and without further complication, and now that you are here I want to show you the best iphones and Android applications for logo designs

Although most of the work of any designer goes through a desktop, graphic design applications on cell phones and tablets have improved significantly; and now they serve as a great complement for all kinds of tasks. 

We bring you a list of 20 apps for designers (and some more), essential to improve and optimize your work. But first … what is graphic design? We tell you in this article.

Free apps for graphic design

The free apps for graphic design will allow you to draw, vectorize, illustrate and design from any cell phone.  

Design applications are of great help for graphic designers who need a practical resource that saves them time, is easy to use and that visually gives them excellent results.

In addition, you can download these design apps easily through any Android or iOS device and some can be used freely on PC.

Get to know them on this list!

List of the best apps for graphic design

  1. Snapseed
  2. Illustrator Draw
  3. Photoshop Sketch
  4. Tayasui Sketches
  5. Over
  6. Pantone Studio
  7. Photoshop Express
  8. Adobe Capture
  9. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
  10. Instagram
  11. Behance
  12. Adobe Comp
  13. Canva
  14. Infinite Painter
  15. Adobe Spark
  16. Desygner
  17. Vectornator
  18. SketchAR
  19. Bonus Track
  20. 2021 trend

1. Snapseed: application for editing photos

Snapseed is considered as one of the best photo editing apps.

Apply filters, modify the shape of an image, change the background of a photo, merge designs and other actions.

It allows you to open your files in JPEG and RAW. In addition, it corrects the perspectives of an image from 3D models.

Have you ever wondered how to put a white background in a photo? With Snapssed you can! 

Downloading this photo editor for free will only take seconds from your iPhone or Android.

Advantages of Snapseed

– Is free

– Settings have easy-to-understand profiles.

– Control of simple, fast and multifunctional effects.

– Offers a wide variety of filters.

Disadvantages of Snapseed

– There are some tools that are very difficult to use.

– Too many functions and some are not understood.

– Does not offer a digital noise reduction tool.

2. Illustrator Draw: app para diseñar

Illustrator Draw is an app to design from any mobile device. 

Transform your inspiration through the vector tools that the interface has. Also, import your designs into Adobe Illustrator for desktop.

This application has released several updates and there are many designers who have their favorite versions. 

If you have Android, you can download the previous versions of the app (apk old version of Adobe Illustrator Draw)

3. Photoshop Sketch: photo and design software

Phostoshop Sketch is the photo and design software that incorporates tools such as brushes, pencils and watercolors to obtain textures and effects similar to those of a paper. 

This is one of the free applications to draw from your mobile or iPad. Download it for free on your iPhone or Android.

You can select from thousands of Photoshop brushes and import them into your Photoshop Sketch.

4.Tayasui Sketches: app to make designs

It is an application to draw maintaining the style of drawing by hand.  

This app to make designs is quite realistic and very easy to use for beginners and professionals. 

The best thing about this app for designers is its ultra-realistic brushes.

With this app for graphic design, you will learn how to add a layer, change the color and the best way to work with layers.

Know in detail all its tools, enter the section ” Tayasui Sketches help” and “Tayasui Sketches tutorials“.

The application has a pro version for the App Store and the cost is $ 5.99. It is a single payment with more tools, brushes and layers. 

Being a Pro version, the price is quite cheap. If you have the opportunity to purchase the design app, feel free to do so.

Tayasui Sketches contra Procreate

Both graphic design apps are excellent tools to get started on any art project. 

Know its characteristics and make a wise decision. ✌️

Tayasui Sketches Features

– App para AndroidiPhoneiPad.

– Has a free version

– It is the most realistic, versatile and easy to use drawing application

– More than 20 surreal tools.

– Brush editor

– Color dropper

– You can use up to 4 layers per drawing

– Export layers as PNG separately.

Procreate features

– Exclusive application for iPad 

– Animation wizard: allows users to create professional storyboards, GIFs, animatics and simple animations

– Create and modify brushes

– Colores CMYK (Pantone Procreate)

– Color harmony selector (complementary colors)

– It is a paid application

– It is one of the favorite applications of designers. 

5. Over: the graphic design app for social networks

Design fast? Get it with Over, the graphic design app where you can add photos and texts in templates for social networks. 

You will find fonts, filters, templates and graphics to build digital pieces

There are several graphic design applications, But this is one of the most practical and productive when you want to create content for social networks.

Over has many photo and video design templates for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

If you ever used Canva, this app would be its simile but for smartphones. Available for iPhone and Android.

6. Pantone Studio: color inspiration for iPhone and iPad

This app is a color inspiration for iPhone and iPad devices. 

It works as a “dropper”. It allows you to find the pantone color you select from both real materials and digital parts. 

With this application you can find out what the exact colors are shown in an image and with that information you can create color palettes and share them with the world.

What is a Pantone code? Pantone Studio color codes are RGB, CMYK, and Hexadecimal.

How to create in Pantone Studio

Creating the colors that inspire you is not complicated, this video will show you how to use the Pantone Studio app. Start building palettes of up to 5 colors and apply it to your designs.

7. Photoshop Express: a program to edit photos

Is Photoshop Express the same as Photoshop? 

Photoshop Express is a portable Adobe Creative Cloud program for editing photos.

Although it does not have the full range of functions that you find in the desktop version, Photoshop Express helps you to edit video or photos from your cell phone and tablet.

Its interface is extremely simple, for some it is even easier than the desktop version. It is fully optimized for touch screens. 

It offers color correction tools, filters, and shortcuts to make editing work easier.

As is common with this and other apps on the list, you can get more out of it with a stylus.

Is Photoshop Express a good design app?

Of course! Take these points into account to get the most out of this design app.

– The user interface is friendly.

– No need to register to use it.

– Descarga Photoshop Express gratis.

– It is available for iPhone and Android.

– It has free tools for blending effects, color temperature, intensity and more with an easy to adjust slider.

– Sharpen elements and blend backgrounds with radial blur.

– Retouch features an easy-to-use clone stamping tool.

8. Adobe Capture: vectorizar imagen online

Capture is the app that completes Adobe’s position as a leader in the mobile market.

Vectorizing an image online with Adobe Capture turns your cell phone into a creative machine.

It is designed to work with any image you take with your cell phone and its great attraction is that it allows you to transform a photo into vectors almost instantly.

You can vectorize images from your Android or iPhone , convert a photo into caricature, export and vectorize in Photoshop or use those vectors in Adobe Illustrator.

Converting an image to a vector has definitely never been easier

This application is connected with the rest of the Adobe Cloud applications. If you want to access it, you will need a trial or paid account of the program.

How to vectorize an image in Adobe Capture?

This application unifies four functions: colors, shapes, brushes, and looks. 

Colors and looks allow you to extract information from a certain photo or image (eg the color code) through small dots or magnifying glasses. 

Shapes uses the cell phone camera to capture photos or images and gives the possibility of converting them into vectors and exporting them to work on them later. 

Brushes works in a similar way, and creates brushes of different styles from an image.

With all these functions, Capture is an excellent application to not lose creativity or advance work when you are on the bus.

9. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro – Drawing application

Among all the existing sketch applications for mobile, Sketchbook is undoubtedly the best application for drawing.

Drawing freely is a pleasure and although artists will always opt for the feeling of a pencil on paper, new technologies allow it to be done in a similar way; but on touch screens. 

Sketchbook is compatible with brushes for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Everything you draw can be edited in other applications without losing quality.

Its functions include a variety of brushes, thicknesses of pens and pencils to draw comfortably by polishing all kinds of details. 

Sketchbook Pro allows you to export your images in PSD (Photoshop) format.

10. Instagram: best graphic design accounts

This inclusion may seem weird (especially next to apps like Photoshop), but Instagram is one of the best apps for designers and has the best graphic design accounts. 

This design app allows you light photo editing with tools for filters and cropping. In addition, it has an active community of designers and artists.

Look for design hashtags or artistic trends that can inspire you on Instagram.

Instagram is an ideal place to share your own work and designs. If you want to use this social network as a portfolio, start creating valuable content.

11. Behance: how to create a project

What is Behance used for? How to get started? or how to create a project?

These are some of the many questions that we usually ask ourselves when we hear about this platform.

While Instagram is used to promote your designs to the general public, Behance has become a professional network for designers and is also part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

We tell you a little about what it is about.

– Behance is a website that functions as a community for graphic creatives who publish their projects.

– The first thing you have to do is create an account and complete your profile.

– Then you can use the editor to upload your projects.

– Tips: organize the information you post, always use a clear headline for each project and add descriptions.

Graphic and audiovisual artists and even copywriters share their work on Behance.

Like on Instagram or Pinterest, your posts get comments. You can follow an artist and contact him directly. 

Having the Mobile App installed on Android or iPhone will allow you to keep in touch and scroll for content or inspiration.

Behance began with the idea of ​​being able to hang a portfolio and, therefore, offers great facilities to generate a professional presentation.

It is quite easy to customize, so you will not need knowledge of html.

Apart from this functionality, the network has evolved into an extremely active community. It is the preferred place for several professional artists to show and share past and current projects.

It also has a classified section to offer jobs.

12. Achieve great graphic design images with Adobe Comp CC

This application to achieve ‘like pro’ graphic design images has been chosen as the best App Store tool in 2015.

It continues to be updated, correcting details, improving its stability to give the best performance and usability to all artists and graphic designers.

Well enough of so much introduction and let’s get to what really interests you. 

This design app allows you to design any idea you have in mind using photos, texts, shapes and fonts. 

You can share your sketch or design with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or Muse.

Features of this design app

– Text boxes and basic shapes.

– Has free fonts and Adobe Fonts.

– Edit or go back as many times as you want.

– Export any part of your design using the timeline.

– Grids and guides for more precise drawings.

13. Graphic design apps like Canva will change your vision of art

Did you know that Canva is one of the graphic design applications capable of bailing out any designer and people who don’t know a bit about design?

Canva is everything! And if you already used it in the desktop version, then download its mobile version.

How cool is it to know that you can design wherever you are not? Canva is an application that has exceeded the expectations and low confidence of

How cool is it to know that you can design wherever you are not? 

Canva is an application that has exceeded the expectations and low confidence of many designers.

These are the reasons why it will probably become your favorite:

– You can design everything from scratch or use one of their templates (if you are not so familiar with the design perhaps this is your best option).

– Just so you know and get a little excited… Canva has over 60,000 design templates that will definitely solve your life (or at least part of it).

– Add texts to your images as quotes or phrases.

– Change font, size, color, spacing and position.

– Upload images from your library and use it in your design.

– Edit images and add photo filters. 

– Change the brightness and add the effect you want.

– Save your design on your cell phone and share it on social networks.

– If you design for social networks, with this graphic design app you can design stories for Instagram, create posts and covers for Facebook, banners for Twitter and even thumbnails for YouTube.

– Design logos, blog covers, presentations, photo collage, flyers, banners, posters, invitations, brochures and the list can go on.

14. Infinite Painter is one of the most pro applications for graphic design

Still can’t find an app to design or illustrate as if you were on a computer? That means you haven’t met one of the most pro graphic design apps on the 🌎. 

Infinite Painter is a no-nonsense design app that has been carefully created to provide any designer with one of the best design software for your smartphone, ipad or tablet. 

Do you know what kind of designer you are? 🤔 If you are an artist who is dedicated to illustration, then pay close attention to what we will tell you.

– It has the most advanced paint engine on tablets.

– Preset natural brushes.

– You can create new brushes.

– Setting the brushes is very easy.

– Brushes act realistically on paper textures.

– It has 4 types of symmetries.

– Create perfect lines with the line guides, eclipse, pen, lazy and protractor.

– You can draw 3D landscapes with five different perspectives.

– Allows you to use selection and clipping mask.

– Paint, clone and edit with ease.

– Export layers in PSD.

– You can save it as JPEG, PNG or PSD.

15. Graphic design programs that will facilitate your day to day? Meet Adobe Spark

If you are looking for apps or pages similar to Canva, then Adobe Spark is the perfect alternative. It is a good graphic design program for your smartphone. 😉

Adobe Spark features

– It has design filters to transform text and photos.

– Resize your design to fit any social platform.

– Change the color palette manually or automatically.

– You can add effects to your texts (shadows, outlines, clipping).

– You can create web pages with magazine type formats.

– Edit short videos.

– Allows you to make business graphics and presentations.

– Ads and publications for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

– Banners for blog, poster, events and other things.

16. Simple and easy design applications like Desygner

With so many apps on offer, it’s hard to choose the ideal one for what you want to do. 

If you are looking for simple, basic and easy-to-use design applications, you may be interested in Desygner. And if you want to make a digital drawing, you’d better follow these tips. 

Desygner Features

– Logo creation

– Graphics, covers, publications and banners for social networks.

– Posts for blogs and websites (templates).

– Ads for Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

– Poster, business cards, flyers, menus, resumes, photo collage, magazine and newspaper covers.

– Email marketing campaigns.

17. Applications to design with vectors: Vectornator

If you are an avocado designer focused on designing and illustrating only with vectors, this software is 100% compatible with you. Do you need lettering fonts for your designs? 

Among the applications to design vectors from a cell phone or an iPad, Vectornator stands out. 

Vectornator Features

– Create highly detailed vectors using tools like pencil, node, brush and shape.

– Easily align, group, mask, order, scale and rotate.

– Automatically convert bitmap images to vectors with Auto Trace.

– You can work with different boards in a single document.

– Color picker with support for gradients, palettes, HSB, RGB and more.

18. App for graphic design with augmented reality: SketchAR

Don’t let the name scare you! This graphic design app is one of the most amazing creations. 

The technology that SketchAR uses is a fusion of artificial vision and augmented reality that will facilitate your drawing process. Do you already know the graphic design trends 2021?

If you are a professional artist, this app for graphic design can be used to draw sketches in a simple way and on any surface (walls, canvases, etc.).

How does this augmented reality work? You have to be in a bright space, use a paper clip to prevent the sheet from moving while you draw from your application.

The great thing about all this is that you can make different sketches or designs in the application and with augmented reality you can see how it will look in a physical space.

19. Bonus Track: Graphic Design Pages

There are graphic design pages that can be excellent sources of inspiration. Use the resources to start or finish your artistic project.

We share some interesting options with you. 🙌

Trend 2021: improvement in design and illustration applications

What is coming for the following year is a great improvement at the UX and UI level in graphic design applications for Android and iPhone. 

Design apps, in addition to adding tools, actions, and filters to their platforms, are working to improve the user experience for illustrators. 

Looking ahead to 2021, the main focus in any design app updates 🔝 is to achieve successful optimization and integration that allows illustrators to draw and paint from their smartphone without the need for a graphics tablet.

These are the applications to illustrate and design that are adding improvements to their software:

  • Clip Studio Paint: This design application will include an option to illustrate from your smartphone. It has a free version of 6 months.
  • Procreate Pocket: is one of the best applications to illustrate and draw. It is paid and only for iPhone. In version 3.0.7 it will include all the Procreate 5 palettes (exclusive to the iPad).
  • ArtRage: this app simulates physical drawing quite well. It is paid for Android and iPhone. In its version 2.4.0 it will include options to recreate mini paintings and a canvas indicator to know which tool is active.