Elon Musk introduces the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot for “repetitive and dangerous tasks”

Tesla Robot bot Elon Musk

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has presented plans to manufacture a robot based on the technology of the car brand, using the same Artificial Intelligence.

The announcement came as a surprise, at the end of the “AI Day” event in which Tesla demonstrated some of the advances in Artificial Intelligence obtained in recent years; Those advances have been applied to a human-shaped robot, which will be able to walk using the same autonomous driving technology already available in the company’s cars.

The design of the robot shown at the conference is undoubtedly the most striking aspect. A human without a face, this robot can look like something out of a science fiction movie, particularly one in which humanity has become extinct.

That’s a fear of Musk, who in the past has talked about the dangers of AI; For this reason, he affirms that the Tesla Bot has been designed so that a human is able to flee from it because of its speed of 8 km / h and, probably, beat it in a fight because of its weight of 56 kilograms. It is not the kind of clarification that we usually see in presentations of robots, or anything else, that they do not usually advertise their product as a possible deadly enemy.

Although in the images it seems the result of a nightmare, since it does not have a face, it is actually designed to be “friendly”, since in the head it has a screen that can show different faces.

In addition to autonomous technology, Tesla has also applied the algorithms it uses in the robots it uses in its factories. The idea is that the Tesla Bot is used in repetitive, dangerous or simply boring tasks. Musk speaks of a future where physical labor is optional, a choice we won’t have to make thanks to the use of robots that will take care of the toughest jobs.

To fulfill these tasks, the Tesla Bot is capable of carrying a weight of 20 kg, and lifting 70 kg off the ground. It has 40 electromechanical actuators throughout the body to perform the necessary movements, in addition to eight cameras that use the same autonomous technology as Tesla cars, capable of detecting and identifying elements.

Despite all this, Musk affirms that the decision to manufacture such a robot did not come because of the needs they have in their factories, and that the Tesla Bot exists because they had the necessary parts “so I suppose we should probably do it”, in his words. Consider doing it first, and making sure it’s safe, before others do.

However, for now this is yet another of the many projects that Musk has underway and for now, he does not even have a prototype, whose construction will not begin until “sometime in 2022.”