Framework: what it is and why it is important on the Internet

Framework Important Internet How
Framework Important Internet How

A Framework is a base structure used as a starting point to develop a project with specific objectives.

Most of the futuristic films of the past decades showed us a digital transformation in which machines replaced human beings.

On many occasions, science fiction was in charge of turning technology into a villain, however, now that we are undergoing this transformation we realize that instead of being an enemy, technology is an ally.

Today it is possible to use an infinity of resources to facilitate daily tasks, both in personal and professional life. Thanks to these resources, it is possible that automation is every day greater and more accessible to the entire population.

Having models that facilitate the development of a project makes it possible to carry it out much faster and more efficiently, and it is precisely that concept that describes a Framework. If you are interested in delving into the subject, continue reading this article to the end!

What is a Framework?

In short, a Framework is a previous structure that can be used to develop a project.

The Framework is a kind of template, a conceptual scheme, which simplifies the development of a task, since it is only necessary to complement it according to what you want to do.

Although its most common use is in computing, this concept is also used in Marketing.

In both areas, it makes work much easier, whether it be software development or marketing strategy.

What is a Framework used for on the Internet?

For any project on the Internet, a web developer is required to produce the software or application we need.

Depending on the type of project, this task can take a long time if it is created from scratch. It is necessary to elaborate part by part, doing tests and successes until the objective is achieved.

All of this may require one or more programmers, plus enough time to perform the necessary tests until the software is working perfectly.

However, Frameworks allow you to deliver a project in less time and with cleaner code, whose effectiveness has already been proven.

From the Framework, programmers can complement and/or modify the base structure to deliver the software or application that meets the required objectives.

What types of framework are there?

The Frameworks used for the Internet are just one of many that exist today. Next, we will show you some of them.

1. For web applications

They are those Frameworks that are used specifically for the creation of online projects. From one page web design to the most specific web services you can imagine.

Within these Frameworks there are other types, depending on the programming language used. However, nothing prevents the use of a Framework originally intended in one programming language, in a different one.

For a good programmer, in many cases it is easier to adapt one language to another than to modify a project with different objectives.

2. For general applications

It allows to complement the structure of an application for an operating system.

For example, Microsoft has developed the .NET Framework that helps programmers reuse ready-made structures.

This Framework is already installed in your operating system, the popular Windows.

3. For AJAX technology

AJAX technology allows the user to make requests to the server without having to reload a page after each new request.

In this way, the information emerges as it is requested without the need for the page to be reloaded.

There are specific Frameworks for this technology, allowing the reuse of an already elaborated code.

4. Content management

These Frameworks are also known as CMF, which means, Content Manager Framework and facilitates the programming of applications of a Content Management System, popularly known as CMS, for example, WordPress.

There is a great variety of CMF according to the platform for which the application will be created.

5. Of Multimedia

This interface facilitates the work of programmers who work with video, audio and image and collaborates with the creation of multimedia applications in general, and can be used for more complex projects, such as videoconferences and media converters.

As you have seen, it is possible to implement a Framework in any programming project, even in other areas such as Marketing, as we will see below.

Why are Frameworks important in Digital Marketing?

Programming is closely related to Digital Marketing. Without it, it would not be possible to use all the resources of technology to promote a brand.

However, creating a different programming code for each of the projects that we want to develop would only bring us difficulties.

The time spent creating an application from scratch is totally unnecessary and would only bring delay in the execution of our strategy and greater investment. In addition to creating clean code, essential to our SEO strategy, it would be much more complicated.

The use of a Framework optimizes the development of a project, finishing it faster, giving access to resources that you may not know and using cleaner code.

However, it is not the only way that a Digital Marketing strategy can benefit, since there are specific Frameworks for this area.

As we said at the beginning, a Framework is a base scheme that helps to develop a project and the Marketing Framework is also known as a marketing structure.

Depending on the objective you want to achieve, it is possible to use one of these base structures to develop the strategy, the important thing is always to consider the client’s journey when making the adaptations.

An interesting example of a Framework for Digital Marketing is the creation of web pages with interactive content, focused on the qualification of users based on their behavior on the site.

In this initial structure you can establish definitions such as

  • the types of questions that will be asked of the user,
  • how to configure the information fields that appear on the page,
  • and the types of interaction to be stimulated.

The same process can be practiced when creating a standard for the landing pages of a website.

How to choose the best Framework for your goals?

The best way to choose the indicated Framework is to know the project in detail, since the type of Framework used will depend on this information.

In both programming and marketing, the clearer and more direct we are, the better. Therefore, to obtain good results it is not necessary to use a very elaborate scheme, it can be something simple, but one that is capable of helping us achieve the objectives.

The most important thing is that the structure that will serve as a base is clear and easy to understand, in this way it will be possible to make the necessary adaptations to conclude our project.

Frameworks are extremely useful resources both in the creation of an application or software or in the development of a Marketing strategy. The important thing is to be clear about the objectives in order to choose the most suitable Framework for the project.

This is a resource increasingly used by programmers who seek to optimize their work regardless of the programming language with which they work.

Every day that passes new programming languages ​​appear, each one with different characteristics that adapt to the type of application that you want to carry out.