Jeff Bezos new goal: space colonies to leave Earth

Jeff Bezos Space Colonies Earth

A few hours after crossing the line that separates the Earth from space, Jeff Bezos already had his sights set on another goal, this much more ambitious one that affects all of humanity.

The first launch of the New Shepard capsule with a human crew on board was a great success, and especially a great publicity stunt for Blue Origin; the aerospace company founded by Bezos when he was still CEO of Amazon is presented as one of the main alternatives for the space tourism market.

However, once the publicity ended (clearly aimed at millionaires able to afford such a trip), Bezos got a little more philosophical; Like many other people who have seen Earth from such a height, more than 100 kilometers, Bezos says he has realized that humanity cannot stay on Earth.

Beyond space tourism, Bezos has announced that the true goal of Blue Origin is to help humanity expand through space, find new material resources, and move industries off our planet. In effect, Bezos’ plan to save the Earth involves transferring everything that is killing it to another planet or a more distant position.

Jeff Bezos Smiling

You may wonder if that is the true solution, but Bezos’s idea is not new, and his words are familiar; it speaks of large structures, kilometers long, capable of accommodating a million people each. These are space colonies, similar to those that have been theorized for decades, and that has appeared in many works of science fiction; the CEO of Blue Origin confesses that he has been influenced by physicist Gerad K. O’Neill, who theorized about these structures in the 1970s.

Bezos has the “almost religious” belief that maintaining the human race will require the construction of these space colonies; And to begin with, he believes that they must be installed on the moon, where millions of people can work and develop new resources that meet the increasing demands of those who live on Earth.

However, to achieve that you will first have to overcome many obstacles; the first, responding to criticism for what many consider a mere publicity stunt in an attempt to make their already immense coffers bigger.

Bezos did not help his cause, when in the speech after the launch of Blue Origin he stated that “all this has been paid for by you,” referring to Amazon employees and customers. An apparent attempt at thanks that has not been well received, considering Amazon’s scandals related to the treatment of its workers, and the methods used by Bezos to avoid paying taxes.