Technology Smart Mirrors: the future in our hands

Smart Mirrors: the future in our hands


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All aspects of our daily life are being modified by technology. This process is called digital transformation. But, can you imagine a mirror that talks every morning and can be discussed with him on any subject, giving him instructions and tasks on how to adjust the temperature in the house, or even being able to view any type of video?

Without a doubt, it seems like a science fiction tale, but the smart mirror is here to stay, with Google being one of the main promoters of this type of invention, as the improvement of home automation is increasingly sought in the world. home and integration with other smart elements (speakers, assistants, lights, televisions, etc …)

It is true that these types of mirrors are not very affordable, since they are state-of-the-art technology, but their prices are gradually falling as the artificial intelligence that incorporates in its components develops and more brands are encouraged to develop this type of product.

Why look in the mirror brushing your teeth if you can do it to check the morning news? The smart mirror has been trying for years to enter our lives to offer us access to infinite multimedia content in real time, to show us how our clothes would look without trying them on and to do a professional dermatological study of the skin.

Mirror, magic mirror, who is the most beautiful in the kingdom? Without a doubt the most beautiful in the kingdom is technology. Thanks to it, you can turn your home into a futuristic computer in the purest 2001 Space Odyssey style just by changing the bathroom mirror. We are getting closer to becoming digital beings, and we love that.

Multimedia smart mirror

You may have heard of it. Toshiba’s multimedia mirror called Multi-Display Black Mirror can be installed in your bathroom and show you the news by interests, weather forecast, traffic conditions and interact with all your mobile devices, or it can be installed in the kitchen and assist you in your chores culinary. It has gesture recognition technology to adapt to our mood and to facilitate hands-free control. 

Smart mirror for augmented reality

You just have to step in front of this Toshiba marvel to try on hundreds of combinations of clothes without moving a single muscle. Includes augmented reality technology superimposing on our image the clothes we want. Wouldn’t you like to buy clothes from home having tried it on before? And wear Grace Kelly’s wedding dress without having to steal it from an exhibition? It is still not very successful but you have to start with something.

Dermatological smart mirror

A glance in the mirror and in less than a rooster crows you have a report on the state of your skin and personalized advice to improve it. It detects imperfections in your skin, recommends the products with which you can combat them and also carries out a follow-up to measure your evolution. You can also use augmented reality to see how different types of makeup look on you. This Panasonic model perfectly complements the previous Toshiba model.

From now on, looking in the mirror is not conceited, it is geeky people like us. What do you think of these products? Do you think they will have a future?

Tiffany Cleyton
Tiffany Cleyton is a The Advertiser Mirror correspondent who covers food, politics, business, trend, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and worldwide news. Tiff is a talented girl of 21 years old who is fascinating with journalist work and music, also she loves to produce documentaries.

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