Spotify released three updates to improve accessibility for its users

Spotify released three updates to imp

These are very useful tools for visually impaired users. It also featured a new advanced filter search.

Spotify released three updates to improve accessibility for its users. These are new buttons, text display and podcast transcripts.

From now on, the button colors, text format and size will change. The goal is to make it easier for visually impaired users to interact with these actions when using Spotify on their phones.

The update can also help users in situations where there is poor lighting or reflections on the screen. Also, by changing the text format to uppercase, there will be more room for translation or localization of the more than 60 languages ​​that Spotify currently supports.

On the other hand, the Spotify application already reflects changes in text size throughout the system . With the latest accessibility updates, it enables users to augment text even further, improving navigation through the app and giving users greater control to personalize the experience.

Finally, a transcription of the podcasts was enabled in the beta version of the platform. This tool will be available for original and exclusive Spotify content on iOS and Android.

Spotify new updates

Advanced search by filters in Spotify

On the other hand, Spotify is implementing a new way for users to search for music and podcasts on their mobile devices. New search features allow even more ways to discover new music by providing a faster and smoother way to classify content.

By entering a search word the results will now appear and be filtered by tabs located directly below your query. These filters include: Top Results, Artists, Songs, Playlists, Albums and Podcasts, Episodes, and Profiles.

Then the user must click on the appropriate tab to discover the music and podcasts that you are looking for.