The New MacBook Air Would Completely Change Their Design Betting on Colors

MacBook Air New Colors

At the end of April, Apple introduced its new line of 24″ iMac computers. In addition to a modern design and interesting functions, something that attracted a lot of attention was that they were offered in a wide range of colors, without leaving the classic silver color.

If you still haven’t been convinced by these colors, you’d better adapt as soon as possible, as the next MacBook Air series would arrive with a similar color scheme.

Thanks to the filter Jon Prosser, who shared the renderings that you will see below on his YouTube channel, now we can know the attractive colors that will arrive. Of course, the final product could be a little different since he simply recreated what he saw.

It should be mentioned that there would also be changes in the design, since the MacBook Air would arrive with a more traditional and flat design, abandoning the previous one with a cover from wide to thin. Similarly, the keys look more like squares than rectangles. There is also a USB-C port on each side.

At the moment, the leaker claims to have seen the MacBook in blue, while a source confirmed that there will be a green one. Apparently, this new line would arrive with the same colors as the 2021 iMacs.