The story of Nina Jane Patel: “I was harassed and abused in the metaverse”

Nina Jane Patel Metaverse

Nina Jane Patel was horrified when her avatar, a moving and talking computer-generated representation of herself, was repeatedly abused by three male characters, in the Venues metaverse.

She said she was attacked in full view of the others who had joined the virtual reality version of Facebook.

This 43-year-old woman from Lambeth, South London, had entered the Horizon Venues metaverse metaverse and created her avatar.

On a recent visit, the mother of four walked into the “lobby,” a virtual spot, and avatars of the men chased her for several minutes, groping her, making sexual advances and taking pictures on the screen.

Patel has been distraught ever since, fearing for the safety of her three teenage daughters and other women in this uncontrolled virtual world.

“I entered the Horizon Venues metaverse as a middle-aged blonde avatar wearing pants and a long-sleeved top. I entered a lobby, like that of a theater. In less than 60 seconds, three male-voiced avatars reached out and touched me inappropriately.”

He said he tried to run away but they chased me. “I didn’t know who they were and I didn’t have time to find out,” said Patel, while assuring that this experience will feed fears that the metaverse will become a haven for assaults and pedophiles.

A prominent lawyer said the attack was not illegal, but that the developers should consider protecting anyone who enters the metaverse.

Nina Jane Patel-Metaverse

Nina Jane Patel saw the bad side of the metaverse

“There was what looked like a little girl, maybe around 10 years old, being harassed by what sounded and looked like a boy,” she said. “Enough,” she yelled at the male avatar. “Let it go”. “Others just watched.”

Although Venues has added a “safe zone” where avatars can hide from others, Patel believes that the security of the website remains insufficient.

“The metaverse has attacked friends and colleagues with racism, misogyny and other types of abuse. My female avatars have suffered sexual and verbal abuse. Venues users must be at least 18 years old, but critics say it’s easy for kids to get sidetracked,” the woman said.

Patel is a mother of four: three girls and one boy, and she worries about letting them into this supposedly nice and attractive environment only to face unsafe and disruptive behavior.

This experience has led her to work on Kabuni, an educational metaverse for children ages 8-16.

“My goal is to build safe virtual reality experiences for our children’s future,” She said.

What did Target say?

“We are sorry for what happened,” said a spokeswoman for Meta, the parent company of Facebook. “Horizon campuses will be built to be safe. We will continue to improve as we learn more about how people engage in these spaces, especially reporting.”

According to reviews on the Venues website, Patel isn’t the only victim of assault. Darren627025 said that she was manhandled within minutes. “I was sexually harassed in 30 seconds.”