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Uber and Arrival to Build Their Own Electric Passenger Vehicle


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In the future we will only need a plug to survive. In a new chapter for electric vehicle makers, Uber and British tech company Arrival announced a partnership to build their own electric car especially for passengers.

Gone are Uber’s dreams of making an electric flying car, but while that is happening (one day) he announced a new partnership with Arrival to build an electric car that will focus on comfort, safety and convenience for Uber users, while for drivers it will be an “affordable, durable and desirable” vehicle. Or at least that’s what they promised.Arrival Uber Electric Passenger Cars

The future is minimalist | Photo: Uber / Arrival

“ We are confident that the electrification of public transport vehicles will have a huge impact on cities, and we stand ready to support drivers as they manage this transition,” said Tom Elvidge, UK Arrival Senior Vice President for Mobility.

This vehicle is expected to be ready to launch in 2023, but not before Uber drivers have first made their verdict and been weighed in on the specs they would like in a car.Electric Cars Uber Arrival London

Or rather, the future is simple | Photo: Uber / Arrival

Uber and Arrival will reveal the final design of the vehicle later this year, but they presented a prototype with a rather minimalist design, with a standard-size screen, some cup holders, a space to place the driver’s smartphone and a compartment in the door. And that’s it. That is the future of our travels.

Uber is also committing to becoming a fully electric transport platform in London in 2025. Its commitment in the United States and Europe extended it until 2030, while in 2040 the company hopes to be a worldwide electric company.

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