What is my IP? How to find out your IP and hide it when browsing the internet

IP Address How To Know it
IP Address How To Know it

What is my ip? The IP address is like the identifying number of a device connected to the network that is linked to the online activity that it performs. To understand each other easily, we could say that it is like the ID of a device on the internet.

All computers or devices connected to the network need a public IP address to communicate. When you connect to buy online, check email or send WhatsApp, what you actually do is send requests to a destination that returns responses to a specific sender, which is your IP address.

What is my IP address? IP types

An IP address can be of two types: public or private. Let’s see the differences between the two:

  • Public IP : it is the identifier used by a computer or any other device for the rest of the computers that are connected to the Internet. In this case, all the computers connected to the same router share the same public IP, since it is the device that acts as a gateway to the Internet.
  • Private IP : it is the identifier that a computer or device connected to a local or home network has.

Once we know how to differentiate between these two types of IP, we will see how we can find out the IP of a device, be it Windows, Mac or Linux or whether it is a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone. And it is that if you move in the world of internet, there will be few times in which you have been forced to know this information. Surely you have asked yourself the same question several times … What is my IP?

The first thing we will tell you is that to know my IP you do not need to install anything or do anything complex. And it is that by default, each OS or operating system allows us to see what our IP is. Next I will explain how to do it in a simple way, as well as some web pages or APPs that will also help you to know this information.

Also, I will recommend 4 simple ways that you can try to hide your IP address, thanks to different very easy-to-use online tools and using popular web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How to know my IP in Windows

If you use Windows as an operating system, you can know the private IP address of your computer in several ways, although we will first explain the simplest one.

Simply click on the network connection icon, choose the network you are using and click on Properties. In the window that appears, scroll to the end until you find the IPv4 field, where you will see the numbers that correspond to the private IP address of your computer.

Alternative to know what my IP is in Windows

First you start by right clicking on the network connection icon on the taskbar. Then choose the option Open the Network and Sharing Center and then click on the link Change adapter settings that you will see on the side.

Select the network card you are using and with the right click of the mouse choose the Status option. Click on the Details button and look for the IPv4 Address line. Finally, that series of numbers that you see on the right is the private IP address of your Windows computer.

How to know my IP on Mac

In case you use an Apple or Mac computer, it will be much easier to find the private IP address assigned to it.

In the same way as in Windows, there are several ways to find out that IP address. One of the simplest is to access System Preferences, click on the Network section and in the side panel, choose the connection that is in use. Once there you will see the status of the connection and also the IP address that your computer is using.

How to find out what my IP is in Linux

Like the previous operating systems, there are several methods to locate the IP address of your computer in Linux. The most accessible and simple way is to do it through the graphical interface of the OS.

To know the IP of your computer from Ubuntu, you must click with the right button of the mouse on Connection to networks in the upper panel and select the option Connection information. Then, in the box that is displayed, locate the IPv4 section, where you will see detailed information about the network used at that moment and also the information with the IP address of your computer.

Alternative to know the IP address in Linux

As in other systems, in Linux there is also another way to know what the IP address assigned to your computer is thanks to the Linux Terminal.

Just start the Ubuntu Terminal by typing Control + Alt + T and type the ifconfig command. Next, the information about the network connections will appear, where you will have to look for the connection used at that moment and later, the Address section. Inet. This is where you can see the private IP address assigned to your computer.

How do I know what my IP address is on iOS?

In mobile devices, in the same way as computers or laptops connected to the network, they are also assigned an IP address. Knowing what the IP address is on an iPhone or iPad is very simple. Just go to Settings and choose the connection option. In case you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and you want to know what your private IP address is within that network, tap on the Wi-Fi field and then click on the connection you are using. You only have to click on the DHCP tab and you will be shown the IP address assigned to your device.

How do I know what my IP address is on Android?

If, on the other hand, you have an Android smartphone or tablet, it is also possible to find the IP address that your device is using. It is a very simple operation. Access the Settings menu and click on the option Phone information or About phone. Then, although it depends on the Android version, you must click on Status and you will be able to see the private IP address of your cell phone, as you see in the image below.

This may work on some smartphones, but others may be a bit different, so try another way to find out what your IP is on Android. Go to Settings, then press Wi-Fi and, when you see the Options menu, tap on the icon with the three dots and choose the Advanced Settings option. It is at the end of this menu where you will find the information about the IP address that your Android device has.

What is my ip? The best tools to know my IP address

Knowing which IP address your computer or device uses manually can be very useful for certain settings, connections and other tasks that require advanced knowledge. Not in vain, in most cases I can find out what my IP is using any of the various pages that exist to find out. Aim.

What is my IP

Through this website you can obtain both the private IP address and the public or external IP address, as well as the location from where you are connected to the internet.

What is my location and my IP address?

On this website we can not only find the IP address of our computer, since like the previous one, it will tell us the location of the connection and the Internet access provider.

What is my IP address?

As in the previous ones, using this page you will be able to know the public IP of your computer or device, as well as the internet provider used.

What is my ip?

This is one of the best known websites to find out what your IP is. Once you enter, it will say the real IP with which you browse the network, although it does not offer other aspects such as location.


This is one of the most visual websites that allow you to know the IP with which you surf the Internet, very easily and at the click of a button.

How to hide my IP address

For whatever reason, to hide your IP address you can use various online services and platforms, which are commonly known as proxies. Thanks to them you will be able to browse the internet without leaving any trace.


Through this website you can browse anonymously or access sites that block your current IP in a very simple way. This is one of the most popular websites to hide your IP address and we are not surprised, since it does not require registration and its installation is very simple. It has a trial period of 14 days, enough time to assess whether it suits your needs.


Extremely easy to use, this website allows you to browse anonymously without complications. Simply type in the address of a web page and your connection to it will be 128-bit encrypted. In addition, it has mobile APPs for both Android and iOs.


Like the previous one, this website allows us to hide our private IP address in a simple way and it is completely free. With it you can bypass the blocks you want, in addition to the diversion filters and browse anonymously on the network.

How to browse anonymously with the main browsers

  • Google Chrome : once you have the browser open it is as easy as typing Ctrl + Shift + N (Cmd + Shift + N in case you use a Mac). You can also do it in the Chrome options, by clicking on the 3 dots icon and clicking on New incognito window.
  • Mozilla Firefox : to activate private browsing you just have to click on the upper right menu and click on Anonymous to be able to browse without showing your IP.
  • Microsoft Edge : in Microsoft’s browser we can activate the incognito browsing mode by clicking on the upper right menu and then clicking on the New InPrivate tab.

If you activate the anonymous or private mode in these browsers and use the Internet, you will not leave any traces on the sites you have visited. Without a doubt, this is a good way to go unnoticed while browsing the internet, but when you do, keep in mind that you will not be able to access your browsing history or the activities that you have carried out in that session.

Conclusions on how to know my ip?

As you have seen, in this article we have seen what an IP address is, the types that exist and how to find out what your IP is, whether it is private or public, on different computers, devices and operating systems.

We have also left you suggestions of online tools that you can use to hide your IP address, as well as tips. This way you can make anonymous and safer browsing, without a trace of your activity on the Internet.