WhatsApp will be more like a social network with the new community feature

WhatsApp Social Network Community

WhatsApp will receive a new section called Community, from which we can contact users with similar interests.

If that sounds very similar to what Facebook, the motherhouse of WhatsApp, already does, you are right. This is an interesting move on the part of an app that, until now, has focused on instant messaging and was initially presented as an alternative to SMS.

The function has been discovered by XDA, from the study of the latest APK package of the Android app; Several lines of code have been included that refers to a new section called “Community”, including mentions to “participants” and the possibility of creating communities and inviting other users.

WhatsApp Community Feature

Therefore, the Community function will allow us to create something similar to Facebook Pages, places where we can meet other people with common interests; that means that we can talk to users who are not on our contact list.

The Community will not be a substitute for Groups, which will remain in the app according to the references included, but they will be related; A community can have a “parent group”, that is, be based on an existing group, and have several groups within the same community. But that also means that we can create communities with users who are not in the same groups as us.

Not much else is known about this functionality, as WhatsApp has not even confirmed its existence. One possibility is that the Communities are similar to the “Channels” of Telegram, one of its great rivals and the one that has benefited the most from the recent problems of WhatsApp. Channels differ from groups in that they have one or more administrators, who can share posts on which they can comment.

It remains to be seen if these communities will be public, or if we can share them with our friends; or if they will even have some integration with Facebook. Be that as it may, we will probably still have to wait a long time to know if WhatsApp will implement this function.