WhatsApp will finally allow you to transfer chats and files between Android and iPhone when you change your phone

WhatsApp will finally allow pass chats and files between Android and iPhone

WhatsApp has announced the launch of one of the most anticipated functionalities, the transfer of chats and files when we change mobile; however, at the moment it is exclusive to Samsung.

A great problem of WhatsApp architecture has always been to depend exclusively on the mobile that you have associated with the application; This has meant, for example, that we can only use WhatsApp Web on a computer if we have the mobile app turned on. Facebook is changing its platform to offer multi-device support, which will change things, and today it announced a new change.

The new functionality will allow us to transfer all our WhatsApp data between two devices, regardless of whether they use different operating systems. For example, if we have an Android mobile and we have bought an iPhone or vice versa, we can continue with the same groups and chats. Until now, that was not possible because WhatsApp used the cloud services of each system, iCloud in the case of the iPhone and Google Drive in the case of Android. As a result, we could only transfer chats and files between mobiles that had the same operating system.

Instead, the new method does not use the cloud, but a cable; It may sound too basic, but in this way, an Internet connection is not necessary to transfer data between two mobiles in front of us. Once connected by USB-C and Lightning, with the WhatsApp app open, we can import the chats from the new mobile; In addition to the messages, the received files will also be transferred.

An important detail is that this method will overwrite the backups we have made; something to keep in mind if in the past we have transferred files using the cloud.

Facebook has announced this functionality during the presentation of the new folding phones from Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3; Perhaps somewhat disappointingly, those will be the first models to be able to use this functionality, thanks to Samsung’s Smart Switch app. Then, over the next few weeks, it will be available on other Samsung mobiles running Android 10 or higher.

At the moment, there is no information on when this functionality will reach the iPhone and other Android phones. Facebook implies that the reason for this exclusivity is the difficulty to carry out the transfer, since the messages and files are encrypted and stored in the device’s memory and not in the cloud; Samsung reportedly collaborated with WhatsApp to facilitate the process.

In this way, Samsung gains an incentive for users who now have an iPhone and plan to change their mobile with their new folding devices.