Xiaomi “Mi” disappears after 10 years, the Chinese brand is simplified

Xiaomi Mi disappears after 10 years

Mi, the Xiaomi brand that has appeared on all its devices for the last ten years, will no longer be used as of the Xiaomi Mix 4.

If we enter the Xiaomi page, we will see that most of this manufacturer’s devices are called “Mi + a number”, a nomenclature that extends to smart devices and the Internet of Things. The “Mi” part will disappear, and the name of future devices will be simpler accordingly.

For example, The Advertiser Mirror was able to confirm in its day that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will actually be called, simply, Xiaomi Mix 4; In that particular device, we avoid having to say “mi” three times in a row.

Today, the company confirmed to The Advertiser Mirror that the “Mi” product range will be renamed “Xiaomi”. The change will be applied from the third quarter of the year, and the objective is twofold: to unify the presence of the global brand and “close the perception gap between the brand and its products,” according to Xiaomi sources.

In this way, the company clearly divides its products. On the one hand, Xiaomi will be reserved for state-of-the-art and premium devices; and on the other, Redmi will offer a more accessible price. Both will be part of the global brand (which still uses the Mi logo), but each will have its own logo.

Although it may seem that “Mi” was unnecessary, Xiaomi has created a brand based on those two letters, and it has appeared on all kinds of products; in fact, even the official Xiaomi website is “mi.com and not “xiaomi.com”. From “Mi”, “Redmi” was born, the low-cost brand that has had so much importance for Xiaomi to become a leader in Spain and the rest of the world.

According to its founder Lei Jun, Mi means two things: “Mobile Internet” and “Mission Impossible”. In other words, it was a mobile brand looking to do the impossible, and we can say that it succeeded. But Xiaomi is already much more than mobiles, and by giving more priority to the name of the manufacturer, Xiaomi is expected to gain importance. It will also make its sub-brands, Redmi and Poco, gain some independence. In addition, Xiaomi has confirmed that the ecosystem products and Internet of Things will also be affected as time passes; recently, the company brought to Spain its new Smartmi brand of smart home appliances, as an independent range from the rest.

 Xiaomi already uses the name Xiaomi Mix 4 in all promotional material and will stop using “Mi” in the launches it makes from the third quarter. Therefore, it will affect the future Xiaomi 12, whose presentation is expected at the end of the year and which will probably debut new technologies that will allow a renewal of the entire range.

Xiaomi announced an event for next September 15, and rumors point to the launch in Spain of the Xiaomi Mi 11T, an improved version with a larger camera module and 120 W fast charging in the Pro model.