You can continue using WhatsApp without accepting the new terms but you will have a limited

WhatsApp without accepting the new terms

The last days of April when WhatsApp again asked those who had not yet accepted the new terms and conditions to accept them. With the deadline getting closer and closer, many wonder what will happen if they are not accepted.

WhatsApp confirmed a few days ago that it will not suspend the accounts of those who have not accepted them by May 15 at the latest. What they did clarify was that these accounts will become increasingly useless, unless they accept the new rules.

Something they also mentioned was that the reminder to accept the new terms will become more frequent after May 15, then become excessively persistent after several weeks.

At that last point, the functionality of the service will be more limited, users will not be able to see their list of conversations, they will only be able to receive calls and video calls. Lastly, if they keep refusing, then they will now be able to do absolutely nothing with the account.

To make it clearer, WhatsApp will not punish anyone until May 15. What is more, even after that date there will be short-term consequences, but will come “several weeks later.

Therefore, it will not be long before those who do not accept the new terms as soon as possible will lose all the functions of WhatsApp. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see how all of this plays out in real life.