15 Websites to Download Quality Wallpapers for your Phone

15 Websites to download quality wallpapers for your phone
15 Websites to download quality wallpapers for your phone

Today we are going to show you 15 web pages to download phone wallpapers, free, of quality and for all tastes. If you are bored with the funds that come with your mobile, visit one of these pages and you will surely find one that you like.

In our list you will find pages that have more than a million backgrounds, so there is no shortage of minimalist backgrounds, with all the designs and themes imaginable. Best of all, you don’t need to install any app to use these funds.



Androidwalls has a large collection of wallpapers of the most varied, from minimalist backgrounds to food, architecture, cars … Today they have more than 2,000 wallpapers ready to download.



From the same creators as Androidwalls we have iPhonewalls, with a different selection of backgrounds and with an aspect ratio more typical of a classic iPhone (less elongated). They are therefore better adapted to iPhone 4 to iPhone 6S and today they have more than 5,000 backgrounds ready to download.



Another website specialized in mobile wallpapers is Mobileswall, with more than 5,000 backgrounds ready to download and categorized. Some funds are a bit outdated, although there are still very good funds on the list and something for everyone.



Zedge is one of the heavy hitters in Android mobile customization, with an application from which you can download ringtones and wallpapers. Without installing anything, you can download their funds for free from their website, being able to search by name although unfortunately they are not categorized.



Unsplash is a popular site from which you can download high-quality royalty-free photos. In its category of wallpapers you will find more than 4,500 high-quality photos to use as background on your mobile.



Pexels is another website from which you can download photos ready to use in your projects. Like Unsplash, they have a category with wallpapers with some backgrounds, although you can always use the search to find other photos that interest you.



Gratisography is another website from which you can download royalty-free photos to use in your projects. The difference with the previous pages is that the photos are out of the ordinary on many occasions. It will be useful for you if you are looking for a unique wallpaper.



Deviantart is a veteran international community of artists where they share their creations of all kinds, including possible wallpapers. You will find them in the huge mixed bag that is the category of wallpapers, with creations of all kinds.

Simple Desktops


If complex wallpapers predominate in Deviantart, in Simple Desktops you will find the opposite: minimalist wallpapers with simple designs that will not distract you much from the mobile icons.

Desktop Nexus


Desktop Nexus is a website specialized in wallpapers for PC, although nothing prevents you from using them on your mobile. They have one of the largest collections of wallpapers, with 1.6 million backgrounds strictly classified into categories.

Interface Lift


If you have a preference for wallpapers that are based on photographs, this page may interest you. It does not have a collection as large as the rest of the alternatives, but it does have enough to give a realistic and personal touch to your screen. It has resolutions for both computers and mobiles and tablets.

HD Wallpapers

Hd Wallpaper

A page that has wallpapers of all kinds, from 8K screens to mobile phones. All the funds are perfectly cataloged in different sections so that you do not have problems when finding one of the theme or characteristics you are looking for.

Live Wallpapers


Exclusively for Android, Live Wallpapers is a selection of animated backgrounds. As they are special backgrounds, you cannot download them directly, but you will find a link to download each application with the animated background from Google Play.

Picky Wallpapers


Picky Wallpapers has a vast collection of wallpapers. But in addition to this, it also has different categories for various devices. On its page you will find wallpapers for different mobiles of various brands, and even screensavers for Amazon Kindle.

Wallpapers Wide


Mobile wallpapers are generally vertical, but Wallpapers Wide offers you just the opposite: landscape wallpapers. You can use them on tablets, if you use the mobile in landscape rather than portrait, on the PC or wherever you want.

Wallpapers Home


Wallpapers Home is another website specialized in wallpapers. You will find basically everything, with categories for abstract backgrounds, animals, movies… An interesting category is that of OS (operating systems) that collects the official backgrounds of Windows, Mac, Android mobiles and the like.



In Wallhaven you will find a huge amount of wallpapers ( more than 700,000 to date). There is a bit of everything, although you will find much more fan-art and anime than in other similar pages



A page that has several tens of thousands of wallpapers, arranged in two different ways. On the one hand, on the left you have a column with the themes, and on the right another with the resolutions. In the resolution area, you can distinguish a section for mobile phones, with multiple resolutions for various Android or other more specific for iPhones.

Wallpaper Stock


A page with a simple design, but a wide variety of images. It focuses mainly on desktop backgrounds, but it also has a small selection of mobile wallpapers among which you may find some that you may have missed on other websites.



Finally, you can take advantage of the collective intelligence by consulting the wallpapers shared by reddit users on the/ r /wallpapers subreddit. I recommend, of course, that you switch to the card view mode so that you do not have to open them one by one. The selection is diverse.

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