A man was indicted this Thursday for allegedly threatening to kill president Biden

man allegedly threatening to kill president

From New Mexico, John Benjamin Thornton, who assumed himself as a member of the revolutionary army 3% ers, in apparent reference to the antigovernmental Three Percenters movement, sent messages with the alleged threats to people from other states.

A man from New Mexico, in the United States, was indicted this Thursday for allegedly threatening to kill the president, Joe Biden, and other personalities in text messages he sent to people in two states.

Specifically, the man, identified as John Benjamin Thornton, allegedly wrote and sent inconsistent texts from a mobile of his property that included claims that he was assuming the leadership of the revolutionary army 3% ers, an apparent reference to the anti-government paramilitary movement Three Percenters.

According to the complaint filed by the US authorities, to which the CNN television network has had access, Thornton, who described himself as a “general of a revolutionary war”, also wrote that he would receive “five stars after executing Joe Biden for treason.”

The FBI has not identified who received Thornton’s text messages or whether the recipients are linked to him in any way. Thornton is expected to attend a hearing online Friday morning.

Other people have threatened Biden in recent months. For example, a North Carolina man was arrested in February for threatening to inflict physical harm and kill the president. Prosecutors in the case allege that he contacted the White House switchboard on several occasions.