How to Generate Organic Web Traffic Without SEO

Generate Organic Web Traffic
Generate Organic Web Traffic

If you have already taken the step of publishing your website, congratulations. You have already laid the first stone to have a presence on the internet. But have you taken any action to make your website visible?

That is, are you receiving visits from your potential clients? If your answer is yes, great. You have understood how web traffic works, how to measure it and what techniques to implement to attract it.

But if your answer is I do not know, or directly no, I have to warn you that having a website itself does not guarantee benefits for your company. For the web to generate results, it is essential that your public know that it exists and visit it.

In this post I am going to tell you how to get it. Because web traffic is essential for a company’s online strategy to work. Ready?

Next I will tell you about:

  • What is organic traffic. 
  • Tips and recommendations to generate organic traffic.
  • Methods to check web traffic and know the number of visits that comes.
  • Tools to analyze web traffic to implement improvements.

Go for it!

What is it and how to generate web traffic?

Web traffic is the sum of all the visits that come to your site. If you follow a successful strategy, those visits will be people interested in the main activity of your company and, later, they will become customers.

To generate it there are several alternatives: work on the SEO of your website, share content on social networks, send emails with links to your site … and any other that leads the user to it.

Different sources of origin give rise to different types of traffic. The most prominent are organic, paid, referral, social and email marketing. Next I explain the difference between them.

Web traffic vs organic traffic: is it the same?

The answer to this question is clearly no. As I was telling you, the origin of its source determines the type of traffic your website receives. So we can have the variants that you named before.

Organic traffic corresponds to those visits that come from the Google results page. It is generated through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. And it is the one that helps your company to position itself and gain authority.

The paid is the one that comes from advertisements or advertising campaigns. The referral that reaches the web through blogs and other websites that contain your links. The social one that comes from social media. And the email, the one that arrives through that route.

When we talk about web traffic in general we are referring to the sum of all these. 

Therefore, as I was advancing, web traffic and organic traffic are not the same. The first covers the whole of it, wherever it comes from, and the second only the one related to the visits that come from Google.

Tips to generate and increase traffic to your website

You already know what organic traffic is, the traffic of a website, the sources from which it comes and now it is the turn to understand how to generate it. Here are some tips:

  • Analyze the market

Find out what is happening in your sector, the topics your competition is talking about, the ones that arouse the most interest among the public and focus on creating and sharing related content.

Before doing so, be sure to identify the search terms by which users enter Google to make a query linked to them. If you don’t know how to do it, contact an SEO consultant.

  • Share content on social media

And don’t forget to add a link that goes to your blog or another section of your website that interests you. It is important that you include a call to action so that the user is encouraged to click. 

  • Create a blog

This will be the main tool with which you will generate and increase organic traffic. To do this, it publishes content aligned with the interests of the market. And add social buttons from which the user can share your post.

If you already have one, update the old content. That way you will improve your positioning and attract more web traffic.

  • Activate an advertising campaign

If you work your ads well, this alternative can bring you qualified traffic. That is, people who are really interested in your products or services and who could become customers. 

  • Send newsletters

To do this, you will first have to build a quality database. When I say quality, I mean to include contacts that fit your ideal client profile, not just anyone. Because if not, it will not be of great help to generate web traffic.

Once you have your list, start creating newsletter or weekly bulletins with your new content, offers, news … And add links to your website.

  • Guest post

The guest post consists of publishing content on third-party blogs. Ideally, you should look for websites that are references within your sector and reach an agreement with them to be able to publish and add your links.

This will get you a lot of quality traffic. The entire audience of that blog will be consuming your information. And if they are interested, they will go to your website to see what you have for them.

How to see the traffic of a web page?

We move on to the next point: how to check web traffic. We have already seen how to generate it, but if we do not know how much we have or the quality it presents, what use is it to us? 

For a website to generate results, it is essential that many visits arrive per day and that they be from people who meet a series of requirements. Unless they stay in it for a couple of minutes.

Tricks to know the number of visits to a website

Let’s start by measuring the traffic of your website. And for this we are going to use Google Analytics, which is a free Google tool that informs you about the number of visits, origin, behavior, conversions … It is quite complete.

In fact, if you have a website and you are not using it yet, I recommend that you configure it right now.

This application, used to check web traffic for free, is made up of several interesting sections:

  • In real time. Where you can see the number of visits your website has at the moment you are consulting it. As well as their origin, location of those people and pages they are viewing.
  • Audience. It informs you about the number of users who have visited your website in a given period, the number of pages they have viewed, the average time they have spent on them, their location and the device they have used.
  • Acquisition. Provides data on the different sources of traffic: organic, social and referral.

If you were wondering how to know the number of visits to a website, here is the answer. Although if you are interested in knowing the figures of your competition, I can show you other tools.

Tools to analyze web traffic online

The applications that I am going to talk to you about now will help you to analyze an online web page even if it is not yours. That is, with them you can collect information from your competition.

However, I must tell you that they are not very easy to use. And I would recommend that you have the help of an SEO consultant to know how to extract and interpret the data. Let’s see what tools it is:

  • Alexa 

In its free version, it informs you about the popularity of the website, the geographical location of your visits, the time spent, the most relevant keywords and the number of page views.

  • SimilarWeb

It is one of the most complete tools to analyze the web traffic of other companies. And it is also free. Through it, it is possible to extract practically the same information that you can obtain from your own website using Google Analytics.

  • Sistrix

It is paid, although it has a free 15-day version. And nothing more than to try it, it is worth it. With it you can know the number of visits to a website and the organic visibility index very precisely.

  • Ahrefs

The most remarkable thing with respect to other tools is that with Ahrefs you can know which content or pages of your competition receive the highest amount of organic traffic.

This way you will know the interests of your market and you will be able to include them in your positioning strategy.

Are you ready to boost your web traffic?

Before I finish, I would like to warn you that web traffic, especially organic, grows very slowly. Don’t despair if you don’t see results in a week. Keep working, because they arrive, they arrive. That I guarantee.

You must be constant and put into practice all the recommendations that I gave you before. Even contact an SEO consultant to help you with more advanced ones. The important thing is to start. And here you have information to do it.