Culture News Meaning of Bullying: What it is, Concept and Definition

Meaning of Bullying: What it is, Concept and Definition


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What is bullying:

The bullying or bullying in school refers to a type of violent behavior and intimidation exerted verbal, physical or psychological way among children and adolescents during the school years.

It is a series of continuous mistreatments that are carried out intentionally by one or more aggressors, with the purpose of attacking, generating insecurity or hindering the victim’s school performance.

The word bullying derives from English and can be translated into Spanish as ‘school bullying’ or ‘intimidation’.

The bullying practiced often against children or young people who are characterized by being obsequious, have difficulty defend themselves, have low self – esteem, be unsafe or because they differ from their peers for various reasons.

This type of abuse can occur in different places, such as in public spaces or parks, but it is fundamentally related to the school environment, which is why it affects children and adolescents in their relationships with their fellow students.

Generally, bullying begins with teasing that intensifies until, on many occasions, it leads to physical or verbal attacks that, as a consequence, generate psychological and emotional damage to the affected individual.

Likewise, bullying is related to the dynamics of abuse of power, through which an individual humiliates another to feel superior, for this he uses all kinds of aggressions such as teasing, insults or physical abuse. As a result, the victim feels fearful of their aggressors and seeks to avoid them.

It should be noted that bullying situations that take place outside the school environment, such as at work, spaces for human development or isolated episodes of abuse, are not called bullying . In such cases, the correct thing to do would be to speak of intimidation, harassment, abuse, humiliation or rape.

See also bullying .

Types of bullying

Below are the different types of bullying that exist:

  • Verbal bullying : it is characterized by the use of insults, teasing, nicknames, gossip, rumors, threats and humiliations that affect the individual psychologically and lead to discrimination.
  • Physical bullying : it is the most common among students. It includes all kinds of physical aggressions such as hitting, kicking or pushing that can be carried out by one or more aggressors.
  • Social bullying : is one that seeks to isolate or exclude the child or adolescent from a social group. They achieve this through social or economic discrimination, indifferent treatment, among others.
  • Cyberbullying: also known as cyberbullying. In this case, the aggressor uses social networks and other technological resources to harass the victim and send false messages. These communication channels are wide-ranging and messages spread much faster.
  • Sexual bullying : it is a type of harassment of sexual connotation or abuse, in the most serious cases. In this case, girls are usually the main victims, as well as homosexual individuals.

See also Cyberbullying .

Characteristics of bullying

The main characteristics of bullying are the following:

  • It can be done by an individual or a group of attackers.
  • It is usually practiced for a specified period.
  • The aggressor has a sense of superiority, which is conveyed by the submission or fear of the harassed individual.
  • The most common forms in which it occurs are attacks, threats, insults, dirty games, cheating, nicknames, among others.

Consequences of bullying

Individuals who are bullied may present some of the following symptoms:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Eating disorders.
  • Irritability.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Headache.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Destructive thoughts, such as the wish to die.

In many cases, victims must be taken to therapy to treat the psychological marks left by the assault.

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