China to donate millions to Afghanistan but warns risk of terrorist infiltration

China to donate millions to Taliban in Afghanistan

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that Beijing will donate $31 million worth of cereals and vaccines to Afghanistan, but warned of the danger of terrorists escaping and infiltrating neighboring countries.

The head of Chinese diplomacy held an online meeting with his counterparts from all of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, chaired by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Chinese state agency Xinhua and local media reported today.

The meeting was also attended by the foreign ministers of Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, all countries – along with China and Pakistan – that share a border with Afghanistan.

China: “international terrorism plans to sneak to other countries”

Wang claimed that “some Afghanistan-based international terror forces plan to sneak into neighboring countries.”

“We call on the Taliban to completely break their relations with all extremist forces. All parties must increase efforts to share intelligence and control borders and immediately arrest terrorist groups arriving from Afghanistan to ensure regional stability,” he said.

He also mentioned the challenges facing the Central Asian country and assured that “neighboring countries, more than anyone, want to help Afghanistan emerge from chaos” and they should encourage the Taliban to “cooperate with all ethnic groups and build an inclusive political structure”.

Taliban and China relationship

China proposes “positive influence” on Afghanistan

“While respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Afghanistan,” neighboring countries should “exert a positive influence” on the country, said the Chinese foreign minister. Wang noted that “the United States and its allies are the most obligated to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.”

“The US and its allies bear the primary responsibility for the Afghan refugee problem. They must provide the necessary compensation to nations that are willing to receive refugees,” he said.

The Chinese foreign minister expressed his satisfaction with the recent declarations of the Taliban in which they promised to form a government, fight against terrorism and maintain friendly relations with their neighbors, but warned that “the key is to transform these words into concrete actions.”.

Pandemic, refugees, counterterrorism and the war on drugs

The Chinese representation at the meeting proposed to Afghanistan’s neighbor several areas in which they could cooperate: fighting the pandemic, refugee management, humanitarian assistance, and counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics cooperation. Wang said China will work with countries in the region to help Afghanistan rebuild its economy and society, as well as fight terrorist groups and the illegal drug trade.

The ministers agreed to institutionalize their future meetings to continue their cooperation in these matters, according to the Chinese foreign minister. The Pakistani Foreign Minister suggested inviting Afghanistan to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a multilateral regional security association promoted by China in which Russia and most of the neighbors of the country now ruled by the Taliban also participate.

Yesterday, one of the spokesmen for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, pointed out that Beijing “respects the independence and supports the election of the Afghan people according to their national situation.” Already at the end of last July, Wang Yi received a Taliban delegation in the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin.

According to the statement released at the time by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang said that the Taliban is a “crucial military and political force” in Afghanistan, and expressed his hope that they will play an “important role in the peace process.”